[Review] Tony Moly Appletox Massage Peeling Cream

Yeah, yeah. I’m a sucker for packaging. I KNOW! So you must understand why I had to get this. A. Look at it! It’s an apple! B. I love apples. C. I love skincare based on apples. D. Apples are awesome. EAT YOUR APPLES!

This peeling cream from Korean brand Tony Moly, which is also known for their adorable packaging.


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This cream comes packaged in a cute, plastic, green apple. It even has a stem. And on that stem was a leaf-shaped product tag that described how to use the cream inside. Unfortunately I do not read Korean. But thankfully, I already knew how to use this product beforehand.

Inside of the apple is the product. Initially it came with a plastic divider that kept the product from spilling. But the cream is thick enough not to worry about such, so I threw mine away. It doesn’t come with a spoon or applicator, so you must use your fingers. I don’t mind having to use my hands, I wash them before anyways.


[Rich, light, and creamy]

The cream itself is thick, yet lightly fluffy. It has a light, fresh apple scent that I absolutely adore. Did I mention I love apples? Moving on… You’re suppose to apply a thin layer of this cream over said area. It should be thick enough to cover every thing evenly, but thin enough that drying time isn’t too long. They recommend about 10 minutes of wait time before you remove it.


[A thin layer applied to the back of my hand.]

This cream is essentially a gommage, a type of cream or exfoliant that is massaged off. What you do is you gently rub/massage your skin after the waiting time is up. The product will peel off in small flakes. And as it peels, it removes the layer of dirt and grime underneath. Afterwards, you give your skin a quick rinse and you’re done. Neat, eh? I love to peel things off.


[Super Peeling Action!]

The appletox does a great job of peeling, and it makes the process somewhat fun (for me at least). I could visibly see the dirt being sucked up by the cream. And by that, I mean the cream turned dirty from…well…the dirt. Along with the dirt removal, the cream leaves your skin silky soft and a bit brighter! And boy does my skin feel soft and smooth. It even looks cleaner and clearer. It is good to be able to see some results first hand. And since you have to use so little, the apple will last a while before you need to pluck a new one off of the ebay tree.

So in the end, I love, love this product. It is effective, easy (and fun) to use, inexpensive (I bought it off ebay for under $10), and oh so adorable. If you love apples, or peeling things, this is a great product to try.

Final Grade: A+



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